How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

2023 Chevy Bolt EV Charging

Tried all fuel-saving tips and tricks, but your Issaquah drives are still consuming more gas than you’d like? It may be time to ditch your gas-powered vehicle and treat yourself to an electric car that is not only more efficient but also more exciting. But if you’re worried about the charging times, you should learn more about how long it actually takes to charge an electric car. Discover the different methods of charging below and see when it is best to use each, so you can resume your commutes without any hiccups.



Typical Electric Car Charging Times at Home

Most, if not all, electric car owners have a charger installed at home, so they can conveniently power up their cars at the end of the day. There are two methods of charging that they typically rely on:

Domestic Outlet Charging (Regular Outlet)

  • What is it? A normal grounded (three-prong) 110V/120V charging outlet or also known as Level 1 Charging.
  • What is the average charge time?Usually 24 hours or even days for a full charge.
  • When do drivers use this method? To top off some of the charge they used that day.

Installed Brand-Approved Domestic Charging

  • What is it? Professionally-installed rapid chargers (usually 240V+) that are often brand-specific. Also known as Level 2 charging. DC fast chargers are more common than AC ones.
  • What is the average charge time?Usually a few hours for a full charge. Possible to get an 80% charge in 30 to 40 minutes while the last 20% will take a bit longer due to the diminishing rate of charging speed
  • When do drivers use this method? Often used overnight for a full charge, so they can hit the roads again in the morning.

Typical Electric Car Charging Time in Public

What about when you’re out and about in Bellevue? You can easily locate public charging stations in the area via apps like Charge Hub or PlugShare. Learn a bit more about the public charging option here:

  • What type of charging is offered in public? Often Level 2 charging. This could be 22 kW charging, 43-50 kW rapid charging, and even 150 kW rapid charging!
  • Where are the stations located? From parking garages, malls, and hotels, to even big-name stores like Kohls and Walgreens, stations are readily accessible.
  • What is the average charge time? It’s possible for some vehicles to get a 0 to 100% charge in just an hour though chances are, you don’t need a full charge to finish your commute before you head home. If you do need a full charge, it’s more likely that it can take you 4, 6, or even 11 hours for a full charge at a public station.

Discover More About Electric Cars from North Bend Chevrolet

Of course, the accurate time will all come down to the exact model you drive in Snoqualmie. Consider one of the new Chevrolet electric models as they offer generous ranges and fast charging times! If you’re interested in more information, get in touch with North Bend Chevrolet, your North Bend Chevrolet expert!


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